Vaders(Value Adders)

The journey from raw data to a trained model has numerous steps called a data-pipeline. Each component requires different tools and expertise. We call the people, teams and code that provide these steps, Vaders or “value adders”. Vaders are the heart of enables Vaders to participate in the value chain of pipeline creation by monetizing their efforts and providing economic incentives to optimize the process. Over time we expect teams of Vaders to specialize. The market is focused on providing matchmaking and support for Vaders, who create value in the market.

Below is a non-exclusive list of Vader roles:

Data or Model holder
typically the project owner.
Data transformer
consolidates disperse data into standard formats and presents it in a uniform manner.
Meta tagger
tags the dataset to facilitate its use in data science.
Ontology and validation
certifies the quality of data or model, and may use a variety of tools to display the data structure.
Hosting and Network providers
who provides high-speed access and virtual private networks to data models.
Legal and Compliance
legal support to conform to regulation and protect your investment in the market.

We are working on automating the inclusion of Vaders software and services into the market. If you have a software or service that would increase the value of data pipelines in, please indicate your interest in the registration form, and we will assist you in listing it on the market.


Bid created and registered with the system.